Cenotes Santa Bárbara

Cenote Cascabel

Cascabel is a close-type cenote inside a grotto (cave). Access is through a small cavity of one meter diameter and three meters descend on a wooden staircase until reaching the platform where you can stand upright.

Starting from this point a vault of 26m long by 24 wide is opened with a height from the mirror of water to the ceiling of 10m.

The water is crystal blue, illuminated with artificial light and an approximate maximum depth of 18m in the cavern zone; however, it could reach more depth in the cave area, which it most likely has.

Despite having almost no speleothems, it is a colorful cenote with roots hanging from the ceiling to nurture from the mirror of water; and for its characteristics it can be used for eco-tourism and cave diving.

Cenote Chacsikín

Chacsinkin is a semi-open cenote with a huge vault 10 meters high, ceiling and walls decorated with a great deal of speleothems such as stalactites, columns, ano curtains; an enormous number of roots hanging from the ceiling and going into the mirror of water can be also observed, mostly poplars that are on the surface. In the southern area there is a well type of cavity. The water is crystal blue with a visibility of up to 40 meters that let us appreciate the beautiful rock formations that are underwater and contrast with the calcium carbonate sand which covers almost all the cenote’s floor.

Cavern zones can also be observed in the southern and northeast areas, which have an apparent development and can be used for cave diving. Eco-touristic cenote for all ages.

Cenote Xooch'

Xooch’ is a semi-open cenote, its waters have a light turquoise green hue; however, at two meters it’s completely clear with a visibility of approximately 40 meters. It’s well decorated with a lot of stalactites of different sizes and colors that give a majestic sight from the inside. It is worth mentioning that in the bottom there’s a tree that fell at some point and gives it a magical touch when it’s explored.

The cenote is surrounded by a lot of plants typical of the area. Xooch’ stands out for a monumental poplar in the northwest of the cavity, enhancing the cenote view that is garnished with various bromeliads and it’s a meeting point for numerous Toh birds; swallows can also be seen singing and flittering in circles inside the cenote, offering natural magic in all its splendor.

This cenote has a high eco-touristic potential, it could be used particularly for cave diving in ‘open water’ modality. Cenote for all ages.

Cenote Pool Cocom

It’s an open-type cenote with concrete stairs for easy access and an elevator for exclusive use of people with disabilities, pregnant women, and older people. The water is transparent with a turquoise blue tonality; with an approximate 15 meters depth in the cavern area, which measures 30 meter wide by 30 meters long. There’s vegetation characteristic of the region, simulating a small internal jungle. It has artificial waterfalls and a lookout to appreciate the spectacular
view of the cenote.
Cenote suitable for everyone. 

⛔Diving not allowed.⛔